#790 Counter Module Output Editing

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Paul Streffon, Tuesday, 06 May 2014 21:39 (Tuesday, 06 May 2014)
Tuesday, 06 May 2014 21:39 (Tuesday, 06 May 2014)

Counter Module Output Editing

The best method for editing the event output is to use template overrides.  Please watch this YouTube video on the steps necessary to create and edit a script:

The links below are written steps to create a template override:

Editing the script

Edit between the {{#event}} and {{/event}} codes in the file.

The codes used for editing can be found in the event output mustache codes - http://joomla.digital-peak.com/documentation/58-dpcalendar/627-output-rendering

The default code is below.

<span class="countdown_row">{y<}<span class="countdown_section"><span
		class="countdown_amount">{yn}</span><br />{yl}</span>{y>}{o<}<span
	class="countdown_section"><span class="countdown_amount">{on}</span><br />{ol}</span>{o>}{w<}<span
	class="countdown_section"><span class="countdown_amount">{wn}</span><br />{wl}</span>{w>}{d<}<span
	class="countdown_section"><span class="countdown_amount">{dn}</span><br />{dl}</span>{d>}{h<}<span
	class="countdown_section"><span class="countdown_amount">{hn}</span><br />{hl}</span>{h>}{m<}<span
	class="countdown_section"><span class="countdown_amount">{mn}</span><br />{ml}</span>{m>}{s<}<span
	class="countdown_section"><span class="countdown_amount">{sn}</span><br />{sl}</span>{s>}
	<div style="clear: both">
			<a href="/{{{backLink}}}">{{title}}</a><br />{{{description}}}

To change the time and date formatting edit these two lines using the formats from http://php.net/date.

$tmp->set('event_date_format', $params->get('date_format', 'm.d.Y'));
$tmp->set('event_time_format', $params->get('time_format', 'g:i a'));


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