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New versions of DPCalendar can be installed through the Joomla extension manager. The upgrade will be handled by DPCalendar itself. Additionally DPCalendar supports Joomla's built in one click updater. If you are using a commercial version you need to add the download ID to your DPCalendar options.

Locate your Download ID

  1. Log into your account on the Digital Peak website joomla.digital-peak.com.
  2. Open the Download ID menu item. You can now see your Download ID(s).
  3. Copy the Download ID, you want to use, to the clipboard.

Put the Download ID into your website

  1. Open your website backend and go to your DPCalendar component and click the Options button.
  2. In the Component Tab there is a place to Paste your Download ID into the field provided.

Managing multiple DPCalendar installations

Some users with only one website can use this main download ID. If you manage several websites you my not want to use your main download ID. In this case you can create a Download ID for each site you manage. This allows you to control every DPCalendar installation in one place. To create an additional ID, click the New button in the Download ID menu item. Create a short description (maybe the website you will use). Save. You should now have a new Download ID.


In some cases you may have to check if allow_url_fopen is disabled in your php configuration file of your web server (you should disable it, because of security reasons). Please try to enable or disable it for a test. Mostly you have to disable it as our web site does some redirects which can be handled properly only by curl to fetch the updates.

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