Our newest Joomla extension, called DPBexio, is now available for the public. It integrates bexio, a Swiss business management service, into Joomla. DPBexio syncs data between your Joomla site and bexio and offers bexio as payment option for DPCalendar. Like that is is possible to issue Swiss QR code bills through bexio during the DPCalendar booking process.

Continuing our proven release strategy, as it is the fourth Thursday in month, we deliver some new versions for DPCalendar, DPMedia and DPBexio. The following new feature releases are published today for you:

The next chapters do give an insight into DPBexio and are highlighting some of the most important changes in this release window.

DPBexio bridge

Bexio is a Swiss business management software solution which allows small companies to administrate their accounting in a convenient way. It can invoice QR code bills, compare the bank account with open positions and does the double accounting, which is mandatory in Switzerland for a GmbH or AG company. Automation is a key philosophy for bexio, as it lowers resources and saves money. More information about DPBexio can be found in the dedicated docs chapter of DPBexio.

DPCalendar payment plugin

DPCalendar integrates payment services like Paypal or Stripe through plugins. DPBexio contains a payment plugin which generates an invoice in bexio and sends a QR code bill to the event attendee. Like that can the accountant easily see which bookings are already paid or need a reminder. The attendee can at any time open the invoice in DPCalendar like it is possible with the manual or QR code plugin.

Does the attendee change his/her mind, then it is at any time possible to cancel the booking from within DPCalendar where the invoice in bexio is cancelled as well. It prevents situations where the data in both systems are not equal and the administrator has to send mails back and forth to clear the situation.

More information about the integration can be found in the docs article of the DPCalendar bexio plugin.

DPCalendar payment plugin


DPBexio ensures that the data is in sync between Joomla users and bexio contacts. It saves time as the admin doesn't have to copy the data between your web site and bexio. Custom fields are also supported, means that the address fields of a bexio contact can be mapped to user custom fields. Like that is additional data like surename, street or country also synced.

The status of a DPCalendar generated invoice can be automatically synced back to DPCalendar when it gets activated. In that way can the accountant work in bexio and the web site admin in Joomla, there is no cross interaction needed.


Zoom API upgrade (breaking change!)

The first zoom API is JWT token based and widely used nowadays. Recently zoom deprecated that kind of app in favor of the "Server-to-Server OAuth" and "Meeting SDK" app. This changes will be enforced on 1. September 2023 where the JWT based approach will not work anymore. To give the DPCalendar users enough time to migrate, we are doing the switch now to the new API. The admins have no pressure to setup the new apps and test the new integration before doing the production switch. Nothing changes for the end user in terms of functionality. More information about the change can be found in the official zoom deprecation faq article.

When you install the new version of the plugin, then it will not work anymore till the new API keys are configured and added to the plugin. How to create the new apps and which keys are needed is written down in the zoom plugin docs article.

Zoom API

Paypal API upgrade

Since the early days of DPCalendar, we have integrated Paypal as payment provider. A couple of years ago we migrated to the rest based Paypal API version 1 to ensure a secure and fast integration. Recently Paypal has extended their API with version 2 which DPCalendar is using now. It ensures that the plugin is working without any hassle in the next years as the old API is marked as deprecated and will probably be shut down on some point.

More information can be found in the Paypal plugin docs article.

Paypal API v2


We are eager to improve our extensions on a regular basis. That's why every major/feature release does contain also bug fixes and small enhancements as well to improve the stability and performance.

DPCalendar got this time also some bug fixes. A full changelog is added in the respective download release description on our download site.

Upgrade considerations

Updating to DPCalendar and DPMedia is straight forward as there are no logic changes in layouts. All we did was to change the license url, so you can safely accept all the override markers. The zoom plugin of DPCalendar got a library update as zoom has deprecated the way how DPCalendar uses their API. After the update you have to create new apps with new API keys as described in the plugin documentation. Without this change zoom will not work anymore in DPCalendar.

Kind regards

Allon Moritz aka laoneo
Founder of Digital Peak

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