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DPMedia extends the Joomla 4 core media manager with external adapters, image editing plugins and context aware features. All the adapters and features are available on the front and back end.

You can integrate the following external cloud storages:

Additionally you can also integrate the following image services:

The following list shows the image editing plugins:

The following list shows plugins which enhance the core with restricted and context aware local image adapters. Means it is possible to restrict image form fields to certain folders, articles, categories or logged in user and deny access to them for certain user groups. It is also possible to get all the references in core and on rename that these references are updated.

The following plugin integrates into Joomla core task scheduler:

We will do more in the future. If you want to have a specific one integrated, get in touch with us and we will see what we can do.

External images in Joomla 4 media manager

Why DPMedia?

Our main developer Allon Moritz was the team lead of the new media manager for Joomla 4 and the architect of the external provider API. That's why we can deliver the most trusted external service integration for the Joomla 4 media manager.

What next?

Please read the Concept of image service provider integration article to make yourself familiar with the setup and architecture of the storage plugins. We have also a Concept of image editing plugins article where you will find more information how to enhance image editing features. In Concept of context aware media access you will find all information how to work in context across all cloud adapters.

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